Vick Montréal
Studio Musician - Arranger - Composer- Orchestrator

The finest professional studio musician for all your recording projects in Los Angeles Area
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Taurus Spirit (Jazz Funk) (Montreal, ASCAP) (Excerpt)

Gotta Keep Going (Jazz Fusion) (Montreal, ASCAP) (Excerpt)

I AM BLACK already available in CDBaby and all platforms!!!!

Master in Classical Guitar and Composition
Jazz Composition and Arranger Specialist Certificate
Orchestration Certificate
Avid Pro-Tools Certificate
Musical Producer, Arranger, Composer, Studio Musician & On-Stage Musician since 35 years ago.
The finest Contemporary Jazz Composer. More than 100 innovative, fresh and commercial compositions in Contemporary Jazz.
One of the most original and versatile guitarists in North America
More than 250 musical themes available under ASCAP in several musical styles, from Rock to Jazz, Pop and Latin -to name a few. Very commercial and rabidly catching songs!

Taurus Spirit © Vick Montréal, ASCAP
Gotta Keep Going © Vick Montréal, ASCAP
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